At the time you start to consider a transition out of ownership, it would be appropriate to discuss the various factors involved in this process, with an experienced sales team of professionals. The initial phases would be to understand the reasons for your transition out of ownership and what your plans are after a sale.  Our primary focus is to assist you in achieving your goal while receiving the highest value possible. Let us help to ensure your legacy is protected.

In order to establish the initial value of your practice, we would begin with performing a professional appraisal. This is an in depth process that would involve discussions about policies, procedures, patients and analysis and normalization of the cash flow. We will also record and value the tangible assets of the practice such as the equipment and leasehold improvements.

Why is an appraisal so important you may ask? The appraisal is important for you, to establish a true, fair market value of your business. With this valuable piece of information in hand, you can then make an educated decision that if you sold your practice today, would your financial situation will allow you to continue to live in a lifestyle that you have been accustom to or that you have planned for in retirement. It is also important for the purchaser, in order to obtain financial advice from their advisors and approval of a financial institution for the funding of the purchase. Gone are the days of a vendor take-back mortgage. You have worked hard to build your business; you deserve to be paid in cash and in full on the day of closing.

We, at MBC Brokerage believe that you can only work in the best interest of one party or partnership. For this reason, we dedicate ourselves to only represent the owner(s) of practices. We pride ourselves in always advising you and protecting you as the owner to ensure your best interests are properly advised on and protected.  

Rest assured that as registered real estate sales people we are committed, ethically and morally, to provide accurate and truthful information to purchasers to properly communicate your practice to ensure that you are protected every step of the way.

Through our wealth of experience and expertise, we will work alongside your advisers in order to get you the best after-tax results from the sale. There are different priorities for different owners; some are more interested in who is taking over the practice and how their staff and patients will be treated in the long run, whereas other owners are interested in the maximum dollar amount they can obtain for the business. We are working for you and will so our absolute best ensure we uncover and satisfy the goals specific and important to you. This is our promise and commitment.

This process of transitioning your business is one that is extremely confidential, for both you as the owner, and for the purchasers.  We understand this and take all steps possible, not just ones that are necessary, to ensure your confidentiality is protected every step of the way, including, but not limited to, any interested parties receive information about your practice and its location.

We would be pleased to meet with you and provide a confidential, complementary discussion with regards to your plans and how we can help you build a customized plan to achieve your ultimate goals and preserve you legacy!